10th of January 2022 to 16th of January 2022

Slint is a toolkit to efficiently develop fluid graphical user interfaces for any display: embedded devices and desktop applications. We support multiple programming languages, such as Rust, C++, and JavaScript. Find more information at https://slint-ui.com/ or go straight to github at https://github.com/slint-ui/slint

SixtyFPS UI Library

The biggest chunk of work this week was internal to the compiler: The LLR (low level representation) branch has landed. By combining a set of steps that used to be done in binding-specific code for Rust and C++ separately into one common code base, we were able to clean up our implementation, speed up property look-ups and simplify the language specific code a lot. This helps us to maintain the SixtyFPS compiler and should also reduce the amount of work necessary to add new features going forward.

New Features

Changes to the .60 language




Janitor work

Move from structopt to clap 3 ( c02da1)

Small cleanups und such were done in changes: 7bba5c, d130f4


79 patches were committed by 4 authors.


This week we will work towards having a 0.1.6 release. Afterwards it will get exciting as we will rename the library - and take the opportunity to do a 0.2.0 release at the same time with some few incompatible changes.