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Commercial Pricing

You can start developing your product with Slint for free. You only need to purchase a commercial license once you wish to distribute proprietary software. Start for free, pay when you're shipping.

For shipping you need to purchase:

Remember that we also offer completely free options to use Slint:

Regardless of the chosen license, you can always purchase support and services.

Software License

You can choose, for each of your products, between the following options:

Ambassador License


Must help us promote Slint

Free upgrades

More Info

Software Perpetual License

Fixed price / product

30 hours of support included

12 months of free upgrades

Software Subscription License

Monthly fee / product

10 hours of support / month included

Free upgrades

Must be paid as long as your product is being sold

What does "perpetual" mean?

When you acquire a Perpetual License, you receive the right to use the versions of Slint that were provided to you under the License forever.
The license is valid for all supported versions of Slint at the time of purchase and subsequent versions released within a 12 month period. As the license is perpetual, development can continue with the purchased versions forever. Commercial use of versions released after the 12 month period is possible with purchase of a new license.

What does "per product" mean?

We do not charge fees based on number of developers, designers, etc.. This gives you the flexibility to scale up your development team without additional cost. We only charge fixed fees for each software program or product built with the toolkit. "Product" means the end result of a software or hardware manufacturing process, which is distributed under a specific name or order code, and which incorporates software written using Slint' frameworks and/or tools. If you are marketing the same product under many different names, please contact us for custom pricing.

Can I start with one license model (eg. GPL, Ambassador) and move to another license (eg. Commercial) a later point of time?

Yes. No additional fees other than the applicable commercial license fees need to be payed. (no back licensing)
However we retain the marketing rights obtained under the Ambassador License for existing materials.

Distribution License for Devices

Shipping your product on devices requires a distribution license. The price depends on how many devices you're shipping.

Support and Services

Support and Services can be purchased in blocks of 10 hours. If you use the GPL or Ambassador License, a minimum purchase of 30 hours applies.

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