Am­bas­sador License


With the ambassador license, we grant you a perpetual right to design, develop, test and distribute your applications built with Slint for free. In exchange, we request the following:

We have introduced this license to build momentum among our users. We want to make it possible for everyone to learn Slint and use it in production projects.

The license grant is perpetual, which means that you can continue using Slint under the granted terms forever. The perpetual nature of the license grant also implies that even if we need to modify the terms of the license in the future, the modified terms will not apply to already granted projects.

Current terms and conditions

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Steps to receive the ambassador license:

  1. Fill in the information in the license agreement.
  2. After submission, the authorized signatory will receive an email with the link to digitally sign the license agreement.
  3. After signing is completed we will grant you the free license.

Guide to filling in the information requested in the license agreement:

  • Your contact details:
    • Your email address.
    • Your name.
    • Company: If the license is intended for company use, enter the name of the company otherwise enter 'Personal'.
    • Address: If the license is intended for company use, enter company address.

  • Authorized signatory: The contact details of the person authorized to sign the license agreement. If the license is intended for personal use, please re-enter your details:
    • Email address of authorized signatory.
    • Name of the authorized signatory.
    • The job title of the authorized signatory. If the license is intended for personal use, please enter 'Not applicable'.

  • Use of Slint: The information regarding your product and users, which we could use in our marketing and also to get feedback to improve Slint.
    • Email address(es) of users (developers, designers, tester etc.) who are going to use Slint.
    • The names of products along with a description of each product that will be built with Slint. The description may include information such as what the product does, web links, screenshots of the planned user interface, etc.

We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Only the above data is collected about you when you submit this form. The data will be stored securely. The data will only be used to contact you about possible business together.
The license agreement will be processed by Pandadoc, a third-party provider, which has a GDPR compliant privacy policy.